BHRR’s Colt!
July 2018
His emerge temp foster Mama gave him a bath at one of the DIYS Dog Washes!

This picture is the best!

He was at KAH yesterday and weighed 60.4 kgs(132.88 pounds)

He was understandably nervous yet was very brave. it was awesome to see him again!

Heart and lungs given a thumbs up! Eyes look good, temperature normal and he was so good about doing bloodwork for his pre-op and also heartworm/tickborne disease testing.

With how naturally worried he was, it was not possible for his Vet to get a good examination on his hind end(BHRR’s Singe was the same way the first time he went in!) nor to properly investigate that lump on his back right leg. 

He also has a bit of a hygroma on his one front elbow.

Things that his Vet was not overly concerned about right now and we would be back in a month and he will be just that much more comfortable. We shall also look better in his mouth next time to see if he needs any requied dental work.

AND when he is under for his Neuter, his Vet said we could take the lump off at that time if necessary. 

We will monitor it and if it gets larger etc., we will get him back in ASAP. 

He had his first vaccines and was deeply admired by many! He was put on preventative/proactive de-worming, flea/tick plus heartworm protection when he first arrived. 

He has proven to be good with his emerge temp foster mama’s cats, other foster dog through another rescue, people and loves kids. She has a young child herself. 

We shall continue to work on those leash manners AND he is putting that much needed weight on and we will keep building up his muscle mass/tone. 

To his emerge temp foster Mama…thank you for keeping him safe since I dropped him off to you last Wednesday night and I will see you both tonight! 

LOVE this picture that Ellie White sent! Just LOVE it!