AND I am now on my way home….successful drop-off at his emerge temp foster home! 

By the time I arrived, I could take off the old smelly leash and attach him to my nice new red one for him. AND by the time I left about one hour plus later from the emerge temp foster, I was able with Ellie’s distraction to get the martingale on him – borrowed from one of our Bakers Dozen – as the collar he hadon was not on right and was super loose plus was a quick release buckle and he is a huge flight risk.

Both his emerge temp foster mom and I breathed so much easier when we accomplished that. 

By the time I left, we both could pet and stroke him and we were getting some nice tail wags and he had many pees plus a poop plus ate some treats!

He shall settle in completely fine and looking forward to the updates on him and with his ‘horse like snorts’, I agree with Ellie – he needs a horse type name….perhaps! 

I am now on my way home….I worked a full day at the Hospital, then have been on the road over 5 hours doing this urgent rescue and I have yet to even eat any dinner! 

AND for those who do not think rescuers make sacrifices to do these urgent saves, today was my son’s high school graduation and I was not there….for those who wish to judge the rescuers who do things the right way and have dedicated their lives to helping those who cannot speak for themselves, please know it is not only sleep we give up….it is precious never to have quality time with family plus friends. 

Reputable/quality rescue is not easy.

Wishing all of our friends, family plus supporters, a good night and thank you again to Meg plus Elisabeth for helping us save this boy!