Today BHRR’s Burst was at the Vet!

AND she continues to live up to the name we gave her! Bursting with friendliness, social and so much eagerness, enthusiasm and while her manners are coming along – still bursting with ‘bull in the china shop’ antics! AND I remain adoring her for all that she represents and is for she is so awesome despite all of the neglect/abuse of her past.

Took awhile to get a weight yet I was not in a hurry, was not going to rush a dog who has had no clear structure or balance in her life until her rescue May 27th.

She is hanging around a really skinny 73 pounds now yet no longer emaciated and will look much better once she reaches what I think is a lovely lean muscled weight of about 85-90 pounds tops. She is muscling up amazingly well! So a small honorary giant of BHRR and 100% larger than life in personality. 

She has learned the word ‘focus’ and is beginning to respond so well in distraction type situations which for her is still a large part of her day yet when she can stop for a moment, ‘focus’ then her manners are impeccable. Her sit and stick is outstanding and she is so eager to please.

She is catching up on a lifetime of experiences and memories and moments that she never had and now is getting daily. 

Those eyes hold a mountain of stories of her past yet no longer do I see confusion and only now see worry when it is night time. She is quite nervous still to go outside when it is dark and the other dogs are helping her immensely about learning that it is ok and that there is fun in a night time game of tag, a stroll and just sitting out enjoying the sounds of the turtles plus frogs from the spring fed ponds. 

She came to us not housebroken and she learned so fast and she is now completely housebroken!

She still hits the floor and will crawl on her belly yet this is less than it was. She becomes so submissive when she thinks she has done something wrong or stesses out when she realises that she should have listened and did not. She is learning that we are not going to man handle her, we do not rule by fear, we guide by positive balanced training, consistency, routine, lead by example and are full of praise with tons of patience. We do not ask her to give more than she can give. We do not try to make her into something she is not and we work daily to help her become the best dog she can be and man she is so freakin’ awesome! To expect something from her that she is not yet ready to give or force her is only going to set her up for failure….there is so much time to help her get to where we know she can go….one day at a time and I am loving this journey with her! She makes me laugh, shake my head and melts my heart!

We are giving her reasons daily to trust us…..and are open in our communication with and to her.

No dog is perfect…they are only perfect in their imperfections and she is going to make a right match forever loving matched home one beautiful addition when it is her time!

Today, she was weighed, examined – all thumbs up – she had vaccines, and we took blood to test for heartworm plus tick borne diseases and did pre-op bloodwork for her spay once she has more weight on her. We will microchip her at that time too.

Her coat is coming in so shiny and black as we get rid of that dark auburn sun exposed and neglected dead coat. With proper exercise, nutrition and love, her coat is growing in gorgeous.

Her Vet agrees that she has had at least one litter in her past, the poor girl and we promised her that she never ever be a breeding machine again. She will be cherished and loved and treated like a precious family member. She will be valued for who she is….

We continue to peg her age around 2 years, no more than 2.5 years and she is such a puppy in so many giggle moment ways! Those eyes though…they are wise and ‘old soul’!

Though she is not a Dane or a Giant, BHRR will never turn away a dog in need of us if we have a spot and this girl needed serious help…she no longer is vomiting or having diarrhoea and she becomes more happy and healthy each day! 

I am so happy that we were tagged to help you dear lady for you enrich my life!