Two pics taken by Sean when he picked her up…her body condition.  Yet, we specialise in emaciation cases, have a 100% rehab success rate and she will lack for nothing….. 

For those who remember BHRR’s Bloom, a singlebred blue fireball of a Dane, Sean says she is small like her yet much taller. We actually ended up doing two separate DNA tests on BHRR’s Bloom and she was a wee thing in body for a Dane & huge in personality! 

Sean says that she is also much younger than the believed ~3 years of ageand I am so excited to meet what Sean has said is a ‘Crazy friendly andenergetic’ girl! 

Thank you to Mel and to all of the rescue transport angels that made today happen!! Thank you to Annie for tagging us about this girl needing help. In noting that she was posted for quite some time needing urgent help, we knew we had to do everything we could to find a spot for her….we love the the black beauties and the special needs ones and we are so glad that we ended up being tagged in her post needing assistance as otherwise we may never have known about her….she deserves so much more better the terrible neglect she suffered in her past….

Welcome to the BHRR family, you yet to be named BBBBB!