The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Juniper! 
*DNA Proven To Be GD/Wolfie

She had an awesome OVERNIGHT special picnic play date! 

When I arrived to pick her up, she was totally relaxed, social, happy and very comfortable.

I am so freaking proud of her progress!!!

She fit right into their home – they are perma fostering a BHRR dog, have another dog of their own and cats plus chickens and an over 10 year old human ? – and BHRR’s Juniper did fantastic!! 

A little wobbly on their stairs yet she got the job done!

Thank you again to this home for giving her this incredibly positive personal experience and in being open in sending us a testimonial for her blog.

We work so hard to set our dogs up for success and thank you for helping us do this for BHRR’s Juniper. 

She remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION to that right matched forever loving adoptive home!

In the second picture, you can really see her beautiful Wolfie coat coming out.