BHRR’s Calla – ~8.5 months of age
May 3rd, 2018


She is ready to make her own special announcement! 

This girl is all lean solid muscle and full of Kanga-Dane love! She is smart, beautiful, playful – loves toys like I have not seen a Dane love to this level in some time! – and is so affectionate. 

She is extremely patient, tolerant – she puts up with The Bakers Dozen pack mentality activities with grace and acceptance! 

We will consider a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or is retired as she is another BHRR versatile dog! 

We wish to see her in a quietly social home. A home that will not closet her away from the world yet a home that does visit friends and family and has small numbers of friends and family over here and there. We do not want her overwhelmed yet we want her part of the world, living to her absolute fullest.

She is house broken and crate trained and her SA is virtually no longer present due to her being set up for success. Any right matched personality fit forever loving home will need to be cognisant on making sure she is not consciously or unconsciously enabled. We have worked so hard to help make her realise that she is not going to be left alone for unreasonable periods of time, we have taught her that she can enjoy life being a cherished dog, we have shown her that she is important and would be ‘listened’ to and she has thrived!

She has learned that all of her needs will be more than met, that she is given attention when appropriate displays of behaviour are exhibited and that is is more than ok to ask to love! 

This girl is magnificent! Easy to wash, clean ears and do nails. Where once she was so anxious in a car, she now readily gets in and settles down so well. We give her a calming word and touch here and there if/when needed to reassure her that she is fine, then she is passively ignored and she is quite content to lay down or look out the windows. She just needs to know that someone is aware of her and that her worries matter. 

She loves to please and she is easy to please too! 

I am so proud of her!!! 

She can go to a home without children or we will consider homes that have children – no more than 2 – and will consider children as young as age 5. 

While we would love to see her in a home with one other right matched dog, as long as she has a strong social doggie network in place – that is what is most important. She needs to have her doggie friends and be able to play and interact to help her continue to be the best dog she can be. As we have friends, she needs her friends too!

She is good with dogs and cats and she is 100% adorable! 

Love this girl! Sean and I have said it before, if we were ever looking for a solid, well balanced and rounded amazing dog, she would be it! She is simply amazing! AND in the right hands, she will only keep becoming more awesome! 

I am so excited for you BHRR’s Calla to begin this next chapter of your wonderful life! 

Thank you to Jane Smith for reaching out to us to assist her and to Liz for the gorgeous photo’s as always!