Good Sunday AM!

We are leaving soon to go to the home-visit for BHRR’s Lacey.

I went to take a shower and someone made herself quite comfy on my bed! 

She had a great night!! She has been so drawn to this really lovely soul in a motorised wheelchair since last night and has loved all the Kids she has met too.

She was a bit unsure of one man – stranger danger phase – and after a small calming word/and the offer of a treat, all was fine.

She even met a police officer in their cruiser last night.

She has been exploring the luggage dollies, hallways, rooms and has drawn quite the fan club during our short time here….

This is the kind of canine that dreams are made out of….

Today is also The Saint Ladies first Birthday! 

We shall update as we can as to her status…..

It is a glorious only slightly chilly day under sunny skies in London today! We hope everyone has a great day!