The Bakers Dozen BHRR’s Mortimer (Morty) – DNA Proven To Be Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound 
10 weeks of age.

Should all go well, BHRR’s Morty shall go to his own forever loving approved home around December 21st!

Thank you to this incredibly wonderful home for considering to adopt from BHRR! They have been approved Volunteers of BHRR for some time and have been involved with The Bakers Dozen since they were almost 3.5 weeks of age at their first professional photo visit!

Thank you for going through our detailed adoption procedure process too.

I truly did a good job pairing up homes/pups from that first professional photo shoot onward! 

This special boy will have a ‘big sister’ who already just adores him! 

We feel deeply blessed to have such lovely people as part of our BHRR Village! BHRR’s Morty is going to have a fabu life in their home!

I am so excited for him and them!

From our home to all of our friends, family, and supporters, the warmest of good night wishes being sent.