The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Sprocket
9 weeks of age (DNA Proven To Be Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound) 

Thank you to her amazing new forever loving adoptive home for welcoming us into your gorgeous place and with such hospitality!

I have known this home for about 10 years now and from the first moment they were involved in assisting The Bakers Dozen at one of their many Vet Visits, we were honoured that they would consider to adopt from BHRR!

Thank you immensely from our hearts for all of your patience as we worked through BHRR’s thorough adoption process to determine/confirm if this was a right match fit for everyone.

BHRR’s Sprocket is one of the puppies in this litter that BHRR would have considered a home with children and their one son and Sprocket took to each other as if they remembered when they first met at the Vets. 

I am so happy for the future that this home shall give this incredible puppy and it is going to be a true delight watching her grow up and reach her full potential under their love plus care.

If all goes well, BHRR’s Sprocket shall go to her new home on December 8th.

This was a tough one for Kinsley…BHRR’s Carlsberg’s own approved adoption also….she has had a deep bond and it has been so mutual with these two….BHRR’s Fletcher plus BHRR’s Oliver are not far behind in their own strong bonds with Kinsley!

On Friday, BHRR’s Morty will have his own home-visit and we are in the early stages of possibly seeing if one of the Saint Ladies may be in their own right match fit home before we shut down for XMAS as we do not adopt over the Holidays.

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, Happy Grey Cup Sunday and if you have to be on the roads, be safe….it was not a pretty drive home for us.