The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Carlsberg
Almost 7 weeks of age!

Puppy #4 – Born Fourth – September 13th, 2017 @ 12:15 AM
Blue Brindle Male

Birth Weight: 515 g(1.13 pounds)
September 20th: 1 week of age: 1 pound, 5 oz
September 29th: 2 weeks of age: 2 pounds, 9 oz
October 24th: Almost 6 weeks of age: 12.1 pounds

This boy is so calm! He often has allowed the more ‘attention seeking’ puppies work to get the attention and in his eyes you know that he wants a piece of the action, and even looks a bit worried that he may be missed yet we have always ensured that this never happens. BHRR’s Carlsberg gets attention sometimes before the others, sometimes second or third etc. and we have encouraged him that it is ‘ok’ to ask for attention and he is getting so much better!

It warms our hearts to see him asking to be picked up and snuggled and cuddled. He has come a long way in such a short time! He loves to be close to his humans. If you have interpersonal space issues, while Danes are not meant for you, this boy most certainly is not meant for you!

He is so ‘soft’ in temperament yet it is so important for that right matched personality fit home to NOT ever baby him. This will set him up for big failure and that will ruin all of what we worked so hard to do for him to help him reach his full potential. He needs to continue to be exposed to safe, new situations of people, places and solid personality temperament dogs etc. This is extremely essential to his emotional and behavioural development. He has no clue just how many amazing experiences the world has to offer in sights, smells etc. and we want to make sure he is placed in that home that shall give this to him without flooding or overwhelming him. At the same time, he cannot go to a home that are homebodies or couch potatoes. He would be missing out on so much and become stunted in so many ways.

A home that is quietly social and while they go out, they are not busy bees or social butterflies. A strong and proper community of people/dogs are going to be key to this boys’ QOL.

He is not to be catered to in respect to his small anxiety or worry issues either as that will only create a ‘monster’. He is given a calming word/touch and he is learning so well that he is ‘ok’ and can self-soothe and self-comfort and that he can do these things not only by himself yet being surrounded by his siblings. We LOVE seeing him interact and engage with the other puppies and be a ‘pot disturber’ at times! GO BHRR”S CARLSBERG GO! He never would have done that prior to us encouraging and helping to build up a strong foundation for him to develop.

He no longer pulls himself to the corner of the stimulation area to lay down and peer at his litter-mates playing, wanting to be part of the action – the quieter, calm, sane action. He is actively engaging! He is so much more confident in play tug of war with toys instead of just letting go and laying down.

He is feeling more comfortable faster in new surroundings and while seeing Dr. Liston from LAH on the 24th and then going to visit KAH afterwards, he ROCKED it! So so so proud of him!

He was exploring and was curious and while always social to people – does best as one-on-one or in very small groups, he is was more outgoing social and a true adventurer! YAY!

Some homes may feel the urge to ‘coddle’ and ‘smother’ him and that will not help BHRR’s Carlsberg be the best dog he can be and while one mighty fine pup now, he is blossoming daily and makes my heart burst with such happiness for him! He is a HUGE favourite to so many for his kind, sweet temperament.

There is a true ‘ham’ inside of him and it emerges more and more and it just makes me smile!!

Many may overlook this handsome man for he does not live in the lime-light yet to me, as with his brother BHRR’s Morty, he speaks volumes if you just ‘listen’ to his non verbal communication.

His eyes truly are the windows to his soul….they also reach deep into others souls…he has a gift…he makes people feel calm and comfortable and no trying to hide your deepest darkest secrets from him. It is like he can ‘see’ deep within you and he accepts you for who you are…never judging….

He is a bit of an ‘old soul’ and very wise beyond his tender weeks of age!

We are doing DNA testing on him and two of his siblings, BHRR’s Everly & BHRR’s Oliver. We could only afford three DNA kits, did a draw and we are looking forward to the results. I suspect from being told what this puppymiller was breeding that he is is a Dane/Irish Wolfhound. We shall see!

We will approve a home for him that is not always on the go. He needs a settled, chill in human personalities and home environment to truly thrive in.

He will not be approved to be adopted to a home that has children or are planning on having children.

Easy to do nails and to bathe plus clean ears!

Travels wonderfully in a car and at almost 7 weeks of age, knows words such as his name, good, sit and boy and so many others!

He, like his litter-mates love their giant stuffies to and cuddle with. He really does…he more than many of his litter-mates has really needed them. Much comfort has been given by these stuffies as their Puppymill Great Dane Mama Gem sadly rejected them shortly after birth.

He can go to a home either as an only dog or to a home that already has a right matched fit dog already in it. It is most essential that he has a strong dog social network. Our preference would be to see him in a home with a right match personality fit dog in it. One that is balanced, one that shall compliment BHRR’s Carlsberg and one that shall continue to ‘show’ BHRR’s Carlsberg the wonderful ways of the world.

Before applying to adopt him, please read our adoption processes and policies on our

Photo is from his third professional photo shoot on November 5th at one day shy of 7 weeks of age!

He will be ready to go to his approved right match fit forever loving home by December 14th, 2017. He and his four brothers are scheduled to be neutered November 26th & November 28th(3 & then 2 on those days). His first vaccines are scheduled for November 7th.

He also has this individual blog:

Thank you to Melissa for the great professional photo’s and to Melissa/Raine for naming him and also in being his photo cuddle buds. Also thanks to Gracie for being his photo bud today!