I am sad to make this post…..Sean feels just awful.

Today, The Bakers Dozen – Miss Blue Fawn had to go to the Vet as an emergency.

Sean was wonderfully overseeing The Bakers Dozen as I had to be out and I received a call.

When he was done feeding her, he was putting her back into the puppies pen and she wiggled and dropped about 18 inches. 

Her right front elbow area was in pain and she was not weight bearing. Minimal swelling, not hot to the touch.

I rushed home and on the way, scheduled to get her in immediately see the Vet yet then we had to be rescheduled as another emergency took priority. Another dog had an obstruction and needed emergency surgery, that poor doggie.

This is Miss Blue Fawn in Sean’s arms at Liston Animal Hospital….he feels absolutely wretched. Accidents can and do happen no matter how careful one is.

She weighed 3.1 pounds today and is 4 weeks of age.

She has what the Vet called a ‘Green Stick Fracture'(In Children it is often called a ‘Buckle Fracture’). Being a Giant Breed puppy with such big growth plates and bone still developing, this could have been a lot worse scenario.

She cannot go on pain meds as she is too young so no burprenorphine, tramadol, gabapentin or Deramaxx etc., for her. She can have the area iced.

She has to be segregated from her siblings – we are allowing the quieter, calm ones – such as big Blue boy and wee black girl to sleep with her.

The Vet says casting or splinting is of no big benefit and she is to come back in three weeks for a re-visit and repeat x-rays to be sure that all is healing well/properly. The Vet took several views to determine if there were several area’s of concern for she did have a slightly swollen toe too yet all appears to be isolated to this one fracture on her right leg.

Her Vet said that within three weeks, she should heal up beautifully being so young and fast maturing. Yet, we will be monitoring as shall her Vet, Dr. Liston.

Lots of TLC given….

I am now in need of an extra approved BHRR Volunteer for our event on Sunday October 15th to be with her exclusively. Please do email gwen@birchhaven.org if you want a beautiful young puppy to be in charge of from 10-4 pm this Sunday @ Pet Valu Stittsville.

It has been a brutal worrisome day and I keep saying tomorrow shall be better…