ISO: Puppy Wranglers!

The Bakers Dozen shall be a miraculous 3 weeks of age shortly!!  Three pups were back at the Vet today – Liston Animal Hospital – for various reasons and all of The Bakers Dozen are doing so well….truly, one of the most exhausting and difficult top five things I have ever done in my almost three decades in rescue and also one of the most rewarding…..

As they come close to 4 weeks of age next week, we are preparing for their first photo shoot – at just shy of 4 weeks of age at that time – with the ever talented Melissa! She assisted us in documenting the BHRR Puppy Pile x 7 born into rescue in 2016 and it was a wonderful journey doing this with Melissa.

I am in need of 9….YUP! 9 BHRR Approved Volunteers to help love on and keep track of The Bakers Dozen puppies at this professional photo shoot.

Date: Tuesday October 10th
Location: Manotick – I will send the link to those that sign up
Time: 5:45 pm

Please do not post here for I may well miss your kind offer of help! Please email

*NOTE: if you have a sick dog at home, please do not sign up….The Bakers Dozen are vulnerable.*

I posted this picture earlier in another thread yet this is of one of the Blue Fawn boyz(blue whelping collar) after a good feed at the milk bottle bar. 

Once we have the professional photo’s, we will do our name game fundraiser to help raise much needed monies for their care which is going to cost many many many thousands of dollars.

At that time, we shall also then consider applications for possible future approved adoptions. Note: We only place per right match personality fit and their temperaments have been present from birth and we have a whole range again in this rescue litter.

Puppymill Mama Gem will be with us a very long time before she will be ready to make her own special announcement… day at a time….