BHRR's Hailey has a Vet Appointment set-up for January 17th. I would like a final medical sign-off on her before officially placing her up for adoption as early as January 18th, 2011. She has been AWESOME to have here!!!! Fully integrated, playful when it is time/ok to be and calm when needed. Gentle, trustworthy in the house and has been a true pleasure to get to know! She is so versatile that she will do great in a home that is ft, pt, semi-retired, retired etc. She is now confidently expressive in the appropriate manner and has just flourished under the guidance, structure and leadership given to her at BHRR. She is quick and effective about her 'correction' to other dogs and her interpersonal 'diva/princess' space issues have long since left the building! She would do best in a home with another dog; sex is not important. Right personality fit as always for our BHRR animals is what is most important.

I have added pictures #7 – #9 to her slideshow. Pictures just do not do this black beauty any justice! Her coat is so glossy and shiny, and her eyes are incredible!