UPDATE: BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey, the two 8 month old Saint pups are still at Alta Vista Emerge Animal Hospital 

DONATED TO DATE: $290 – Thank you…..so very much! 

While both were here they developed an allergic reaction while in Hospital. Both have been treated with Benadryl, Cerenia and are being given fluids. X-rays also have been done. No obvious FB yet cannot be ruled out. I have dialogued with the Vet re: toxicity as a possibility too.

Sadly, their condition has deteriorated since we first arrived – lots of retching and vomiting and then both of them are having this allergic reaction. Needless to say, Foster Parents are incredibly distressed as am I. 

We would be beyond grateful for any donation to their cause. We really would be so grateful.

Alta Vista Emergency Animal Hospital Number:


File for both of them is under our Rescue name and the phone number of 613-725-4279.

Donations can be made direct to the Hospital by credit card or via email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or via PayPal gwen@birchhaven.org

I am so sorry to be begging for funds yet we are in huge need and I promise to post an update as I learn more and also costs of their Vet visit….

Please keep them in your thoughts….

If you click on the picture you will learn more re: why we rushed in……