It happened for BHRR’s Abby today!

It finally happened!!

This stunning BBBBB was ADOPTED!

Yes, I had tears in my eyes yet, as mentioned to the home, they are the best kind of tears!

BHRR’s Pearl would have done equally well in this home yet BHRR’s Abby edged her out and BHRR’s Pearl, your own time shall come. Adding this also to BHRR’s Pearl’s blog so people can see the update on this home-visit that both dogs attended.

Thank you to this amazing home in having such kind understanding and patience as we went through our thorough adoption process. Thank you for being so open in your hearts to wanting a senior Dane to adopt.

Thank you for seeing BHRR’s Abby when so many others did not. So many looked past her and we kept saying that we were patient as was she and we took some criticism over the years as we refused to have her be adopted to a wrong home.

She needed that right matched forever loving home, one that did not care that she was a smaller female, one that did not care that she was black – full of beautiful frosting now!, one that did not care that she was older, one that did not have cats and felt they could ‘train’ the prey drive out of her….AND that home finally came along! 

My dear sweet Abbies….how proud I am of you, how much love I have for you, how happy I am for you, how just so incredibly you have touched my heart plus soul…..

We never gave up, you never gave up and to all of our friends, families plus supporters, thank you also in not giving up on her or the work that we do at BHRR!

You survived being dumped in big bear and coyote country, you survived bloat, you survived so many walking past you at BHRR Events and ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open houses and every time this happened, I said to myself, those people do not deserve you…yet, one home out there will…they shall see you for the gem and precious jewel you truly are!

AND it finally happened….

BHRR’s Abby, we walked many a mile together yet now even though our paths shall change course, you shall forever have your paws entrenched upon my heart and soul.

Congrats BHRR’s Abby! Congrats to a truly lovely home as well! Your adoptive family is really awesome!

This is adoption #399 for BHRR!

What a really great ending to my weekend!