BHRR’s Whisper is a really lucky girl this weekend!

Due to a last minute change of dates, BHRR’s Whisper instead of BHRR’s Ivy had Auction Picnic Snack Date #10 today. Both BHRR’s Ivy and BHRR’s Whisper have had special dates in this home in the past yet now that they have two dogs and looking at play styles etc., we felt BHRR’s Whisper would be a better fit. They agreed and so BHRR’s Whisper had a date today AND has one tomorrow.

It did not take long from what I heard to see BHRR’s Whisper in her ‘loved window spot!’

AND BHRR’s Whisper has another date tomorrow!


Thank you’s sent out to the Maracle Family AGAIN for giving a BHRR doggie an incredible day! Thank you also for this awesome photo!

Words from the home that gave her this great play date:

“It was our pleasure to have Whisper as our guest… and not just because she loves us! The first hour was zoomie play and then we settled into some quiet time that filled the home with snores of love. She is a wonderful dog that we love very much.”