From a BHRR Approved Volunteer from her experience yesterday in helping to hold/love on BHRR’s Sambuca & BHRR’s Black Diamond while I got each dogs’ professional photo’s done.

“I’ve been thinking of her so much since yesterday… once again I am in utter awe (but not in the least bit surprised) at the change in BHRR’s Black Diamond since coming into your care. You have let her see past the fear and become being the best dog she can be. From the photos of her at the beginning, to seeing her yesterday.. I would not think it was the same dog.. to go from not being able to be touched to leaning on a total stranger and getting pets, and bouncing through the grass in an unfamiliar place… you amaze me Gwen and I am eternally so grateful for the chances you give these dogs at a life of true happiness. <3”