AND it is official!

BHRR’s Hercules, our ever so handsome Blue GD tripod is now ADOPTED!
March 10th, 2017

This is a special story to my heart as this home has now adopted three dogs from BHRR over the years. Wonderful homes like this are truly an important part of the strong beating heart of our CHAIN OF SUCCESS!

Sadly, the BBBBB Dane that they had adopted from us in 2011, passed away in November 2016, just shy of his 11th Birthday. 🙁 🙁

After mourning and healing, they were ready to open up their hearts and home to another BHRR Dane, and this home takes after my own heart for the special needs are equally dear to them. 🙂

AND to make this story more special, they had helped transport BHRR’s Hercules from the MSPCA closer to me and met me for the transfer of him so he could then begin his rehab journey. He lost close to 60 necessary pounds and we had to amputate that horrible leg that was causing him such chronic pain. Plus, we got his thyroid on track.

To think that he is now back in their hands now as his forever loving adoptive home, is touching!

Some things are just meant to be!

I think they have created a tradition now of adopting dogs they have helped transport as BHRR’s Hercules is not the first……some will recognise this awesome Dobie in the picture….BHRR’s Reese(blind/hearing impaired & neuro) adopted May 2014!

They have seen BHRR’s Hercules a few times since he arrived into our care and a couple of weeks ago, took him for a play date as they are also approved BHRR Volunteers. On Wednesday March 8th, they picked him up again for an overnight play date and well, the rest is history! He is now home!

Congratulations to them and to BHRR’s Hercules! You waited a long time Herc for someone to see you for you and not a dog with three legs and your personality, heart, love plus zest of life continues to just shine! Not to mention how freakin’ handsome you are!

A big personality has now LEFT the building and I am filled with tears of such happiness and yes, maybe one or two of having to say good-bye yet this is what we do!

We are now able to help another in need of us….for BHRR’s Hercules you have not needed us in ages.