BHRR’s Baby Kaos really was a crowd drawer yesterday at our last Community Education & Public Awareness Event of 2016! He was literally bringing people into the store and stopping traffic! LOL

Thank you to Aaron for the photo’s!

He has had two recent appointments scheduled with his ortho specialist re: that leg/knee and twice unfortunately, they had to cancel them.

We are trying to determine is ‘this the best’ that it is going to for BHRR’s Kaos and place him up for adoption or does his ortho team wish to do more surgery. His ortho specialist has wanted him to grow and mature first being a Giant Breed Dog before making that final determination and now at this point, his ortho specialist has said this November 10th.

“I think ultimately we should re scope his knee to assess the cruciates and the rest of the joint and possibly do a tplo since we are not making much progress.  But lets have another look at him first.”  

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