Someone went on a special spoiling play date today! I heard that PetSmart was just one of the lovely places BHRR’s Abby visited today! She also was at Cocomutts. With the cold temps this AM, she did not get a bath and so as she loves ‘overseeing’ the horses being fed grain and hay, this home had her groom zoomed and wiped down on one of her adventures today.

Thank you to this amazing home for taking her out AND to all that have been sharing her from my post earlier this week!!

Her weight today was 111.10 pounds. Which is awesome! Still a wee bit plump but we are getting there. That means she has lost 6.6 pounds since she was last weighed. Too many treats being given at her approved temp foster and when she came back to us, it was a weight loss program/regime for her.

This home is going to take her out again for another spoiling outing next Saturday too. Thank you!

No applications yet received for this BBBBB yet her photo has now been shared 57 times from our post earlier this week!