Happy Labour Day Monday to all!

With the approved adoption of BHRR’s Gentle Jake yesterday, we have a spot and this young lady is next in need of us.


This special ~2 year old Dane is who I have been working quietly on behind the scenes over this last week (September 1st) with some truly amazing women.

She is why BHRR exists. To be there for Dogs like her.

She ended up at a shelter as the Owner could not afford to take care of her, especially with her skin issues. She had little chance of being adopted and per the shelter that reached out to us, they were so worried that they would have to put her to sleep.

No only did the shelter reach out to us yet a person who works with a wonderful volunteer network plus with this shelter also contacted us.

Without hesitation, we want to help her…she is BHRR’s Herbie-licious(now successfully rehabbed and adopted!) all over again with that poor skin…her feet look incredibly painful. Is it seasonal and/or food related? We shall find out. Her auto immune system is clearly run down.

She needs a name….currently she is being called a name by the shelter that we have had two Danes over the past 20.5 years be called, and one of those Danes is presently in our adoptive programs and also living with us, so, a new name this beauty will need. A new name for a new wonderful beginning, fresh with all the care and love she needs and deserves!

Name guru’s! HELP?!

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