This blog is dedicated to this pretty female ~2 year old Great Dane who was surrendered to a shelter because her O. could not afford to take care of her.

I picked her up September 7th and went straight to Kanata Animal Hospital as she has clear skin issues.

Diagnosis to date and as we could only handle her so much so as to not stress her out further, we will do pre-op bloodwork and her tickborne testing later as well as when she is healthy to spay her plus do her vaccines. A fecal test will be done once I have a sample.

1) Big skin issues – suspected sarcoptic mange – will rule out démodétic mange when we can do skin scrapings as her Vet felt we should treat for sarcoptic first. – On Revolution
2) Skin infections – on Antiobiotics – picked up 168 pills! 4 BID
3) Possible sunburn
4) Could have seasonal allergies and will wait a couple of days to see if the Antiobiotics are sufficient alone
5) Is not presenting as typical food allergies yet we will feed her a fish based kibble
6) Could not due an ear cytology today with her stress level yet other than tons of wax, her ears were not presenting as obviously infected. Could have ear mites and the Revolution will help with any eat more issues. As she settles will clean ears and do a cytology as needed.
7) The shelter gave her Revolution on September 1st and we will give her one does every two weeks for three more doses.
8) Overgrown nails yet with her stress level they can wait
8) Her weight was 48.2 kgs for us today(106.04 pounds) – she is sorely in need of muscle mass/weight and to build up strength
9) Suspected UTI as she strained to urinate and went in several small spots in small amounts -on antibiotics now and will do a UA when she is more settled if needed
10) Needs training -pulls and has a mind of her own and not hesitant to mouth to *warn* when she does not want to do something.
11) Some barrier aggression in the car to a Golden Retriever leaving KAH and the male Owner. Was completely fine with the male volunteer driver that was at the same location as me picking up a dog himself to go to another rescue. Showed barrier aggressive to a woman walking on the sidewalk with her rolling shopping bag and to another man with a helmet in his hand walking to his parked motor cycle. Had no issues with the man at the drive through that I went to in order buy another bottle of water. No issues with anyone at KAH either. It was not fear based. She took an instant dislike to them. No issues with anyone at KAH either. It was not fear based. She took an instant dislike to them. This is NOT necessarily indicative of her *norm* temperament/personality. She had already had a stressful time being in a shelter, and then on a transport of three legs and then at KAH etc. She is great with Sean/Mason & Kinsley. In fact, she ADORES Mason!
12) Was told by the shelter that the O. said that she had been attacked by a small dog and did not retaliate yet now does not like small dogs. The shelter said she was good with the dogs at the shelter…at KAH she showed inappropriate interest in two dogs there – JRT and another small dog. Corrected well
13) Has eye infections and is on antibiotics
14) We were told that she does not like to be in a run or crated and that is so true – kennelled her at KAH for a bit while I made up meds and now she is crated in our house. She made it clear that she did not and was not wanting to go in…same as being weighed and she & I had some *conversation* about this and she was weighed and is now calm in her crate here.
15) She will be proactively & preventatively de-wormed
16) She has had so many babies… 🙁 Her poor body. When she is healthy, she shall be spayed
17) The Vet feels that some of her feet issues – swelling, bleeding are from constant urine exposure

She is a *hot mess* and lots of physical and emotional plus behavioural work ahead yet she looses so much potential!!