BHRR’s Flower – (BBBBB) Black Female #1 – Second born. Born 4:05 AM on Thursday April 14th.

Birth Weight: 1 pound 6 oz.
Weight at 2 weeks of age: 2 pounds 7.5 oz
Weight at 4 weeks and 1 day: 7 pounds and 10 oz
Weight at 5 weeks and 3 days: 11 pounds and 4 oz

*picture was taken almost 6 weeks of age*

She is so quiet until she is familiar and comfotable in her surroundings and the people she is with, totally sweet, happy and incredibly precious. She tends to let all of her siblings take the limelight and we have been encouraging her to show her that it is ok that she is equally deserving for affectoin. She tends to sit back and watch the world yet when she is ready, game on! Playful and while overlooked by some when they have seen this litter, many others that really ‘see’ her are a HUGE fan.

BHRR’s Flower – she remains more quiet, a bit unsure and less outgoing than her siblings yet, so so so uber sweet and she took so well to Sandra and that was her safe spot when she had enough running and playing and of pictures. We will not baby her, that is not in her best interest, we give her opportunities and encouragement and not over the top praise so she has the right balance and her comfort level being by herself is greatly improving. While I knew she wanted me to pick her up at her almost 6 week photo shoot as she felt all were too far away from her, instead I sat down and talked to her and while she whimpered at first, she got up and with each step she was more confident and proud of herself….and most of all, she was so happy to be in my arms. She needs a home that is going to continue our work here….she is so sweet, asks for love now and still remains happy to allow others to be in the lime-light yet, she has strength….she just does not realise it all yet…..but we see the glimmers and shines in there!! Love her….she has so much potential!!

She will not go to a home that treats her in thinking that she is fearful. She is somewhat shy, she is not fearful. She is a real character with us and with those that she has come to know and she is only going to get better and better in the right hands!