BHRR’s Flame – April 10th, 2016 – GDx

Today, she is ready to make her big special announcement!


She did it! She beat so many odds and she is truly a miracle baby! She is ~4.5 months of age now and she has had regular exams – ~ every 2 weeks – since she first arrived to BHRR at 2 weeks of age.

She has had the proper de-worming protocol since 2 weeks of age, fecals, her three round of puppy vaccines (we do not just give one round and then let our approved adoptive homes do the rest), had pre-op blood-work done and was spayed. We also microchipped her.

She is going to need a dog experienced home, not necessarily a Dane experienced home for she is a big personality filled gal!

We are not sure what breed her ‘dad’ is, yet she takes after him in size and a lot of in personality for she is incredibly headstrong – no fear! – brilliant to a fault, feisty and she needs a home that is going to give her the continued proper structure and obedience she needs to keep her being such a great gal yet at the same time a home that shall never break that incredible BIG heart and HUGE spirit of hers!

She is loyal, extremely so…win her trust and she would do anything for you….well, as long as she thought it was a good thing to dog!

She thinks, and is great at problem and puzzle solving. An active home, yet, one that is not too crazy busy that she would be flooded or over stimulated. She deserves to have so much time and focus spent on her and giving her the great future she deserves!

She is housebroken – yet, thinks she may melt in rain or snow! She would be fine as an only puppy in the home as long as she has a great social network of her own AS she needs it to keep her minding her p’s and q’s plus friends are important!

She sleeps through out the whole night and has since she was so wee. Crate trained and is so good about only chewing on things that she should…you just have to show her at times what is and is not ok…she is still very much a baby….so, patience, time, consistency and not only oodles of love are needed.

She has proven fine with cats and her BFF here is BHRR’s Steam so, a right matched personality fit dog in the same home would be great….

She is playful, excellent recall, has that sit down to a perfection and her leash manners are really quite fine.

She is quiet and will only tend to ‘woof’ a bit if she hears other dogs and corrects beautifully.

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi retired or retired etc. She is another amazing BHRR versatile dog.

She can be a bit of a bossy bit of goods and once again, corrects well. It is that strength and backbone that has made her a survivor. She was only two pups to survive to make it out of the shelter and her sister, BHRR’s Ember fought the great battle for 6 days and then passed away…I think her sister would be proud of her sister.

She will never be a ‘giant’ breed dog in size, she is just over 40 pounds now yet, ~75 without a home getting her fat is a quite reasonable expectation to how she may end up…one never knows with this stunning mixes. She may end up ~ 65 she may end up 80….who knows yet, as long as she is not fat – a BIG pet peeve of mine in seeing dogs overfed when they had been adopted, lean, full of muscle mass and looking incredible. We have in our adoption packages great detail re: proper weight and yet, we still end up seeing fat dogs. OK! Off my soapbox!

BHRR’s Flame has gone to community education and public awareness events since she was healthy and even has had some special play visits. She is well balanced and rounded and she makes me SOOOOOOO proud!

Also, she keeps me on my toes! AND, I love that about her…..

When that right matched home comes along and finds her, this journey with BHRR’s Flame shall end in my home yet the tears I shall shed will be the best ones for she DID it! SHE DID IT!

GO BHRR’S Flame GO! You are incredible! You are inspirational and thank you to the KHS for entrusted her and her Mama GD Eve and her sister to us…..

Thank you Melissa for the gorgeous photo’s of her and for Sandra for the loving hands yesterday for this photo shoot!

As a fyi, the shaved patch on her leg is from her IV line when she was spayed. 🙂

IMGP1024 IMGP1034