On behalf of the BHRR dogs, we want to THANK all that came out this weekend to Pet Valu Kanata Centrum. Talk about a COLD weather weekend yet quite a few in true Canadian style, took on the brutal cold to spend some time with us and the dogs of BHRR!

A grand total of $548.10 was raised and that included my own personal donation to contribute to help those in need of our programs of BHRR.

This was our first community education and public awareness event of 2016 and thank you SO much everyone for making it as wonderful as it was.

Regan, and your staff at PV continued to welcome us, be patient as the BIG DAWGS in true ‘you cannot miss me style’ sprawled in really public places!

BHRR’s Whisper worked through her small amount of initial worry/anxiety about being left behind to deeply enjoy herself today. She took Cherie shopping! She took Aaron for runs and races around the store! She charmed, she educated and proved to all those that met her that she is ‘normal’ and happy, social and deserving of a great future AND she made all of us laugh and laugh some more!

It did not take her long to figure out what the opening of the front door of the store meant!

BHRR’s Salem, what can I say?! She continues to melt people’s hearts, make people shake their heads that she has not yet had the right application come in for her, to gently watch out for those she trusts, and parked herself more than once in the best places possible like in front of the cash counter or front door to get maximum exposure to all that came in!

Very proud of these gorgeous BHRR ladies!

Thank you to Dawn, Xandria, Cherie, Sean and Aaron for spending the day with me in the name of promoting responsible dog ownership, reputable/quality dog rescue AND talking all about the BIG DAWGS of BHRR.

To the person that showed up yesterday(I was talking to visitors elsewhere in the store) with many $100 bills in his hands wanting to ‘get a dog’, hopefully you left with the awareness of how a proper adoption process shall work. Sadly, from what I have been told by the wonderful BHRR Volunteers, you will find a group somewhere out there that will just take your money and hand over a dog that deserved better.

To the woman who lost her car key, the pleasure was all ours in helping you and talking to you plus with the young lady with you. We are so happy that they were found……

Each time we go out, I leave these events feeling so privileged to be part of such a great animal loving and caring community. I am honoured to be part of the BHRR “CHAIN OF SUCCESS” team with true, sincere, honest to good caring folks that believe as strongly plus passionately as I, in what BHRR works so hard to do for those in need of our programs.

Thank you again to all the amazing folks that took time out of their own busy plus wonderful weekends to hang!

May all have a lovely evening! My heart is just floating from such a lovely weekend……

We are not back out for our next community event until March now! Stay tuned!

*Thanks Aaron for this photo of BHRR’s Whisper*