UPDATE: we are on our way home.

This is not the right matched fit home for BHRR’s Dune. BHRR’s Dune’s proper mental/physical stimulation needs plus continued training requirements are not a good fit for this home. BHRR’s Dune is a young happy, healthy and active boy.

That right matched dog for this home is out there and that right matched fit home for BHRR’s Dune is out there!

BHRR’s Dune had another good experience and that is so important.

Thank you to the home for having us do this home-visit.

I knew going in that with almost complete certainty that an adoption would not be approved, yet as it was not 100% going in, the home-visit was a must.

Happy Sunday to all!

PS: our 3rd annual ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction ends tonight @ 9 pm EST! Get your bids in!!