We are here!! Safe!

Now at our fave haunt in this area for hotels and pets. They treat us really well and once again they did not charge me a ‘pet fee’.

They even opened up the room for me so I did not have to go inside to open up the patio doors and then outside to get the car and back inside etc.! The lovely person even put the heat on and stayed there until I got the car to the room.

BHRR’s Dune had a great drive down and is a bit unsure right now yet being a pro in the room. He is thinking Mason’s bed is a good place to feel comfortable……

I have promised BHRR’s Dune that if this is not the right matched home for him, then he will not stay. Only the best fit home for you my ‘Dune Duney’

He will tell us if he is feeling ‘home’ tomorrow at the home-visit.

Thank you to Sean and Kinsley for holding down the fort while I am away. So so so appreciative!!

We hope all our friends and family are having a safe, happy and healthy weekend as always!

Please do consider bidding in our 3RD Annual ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction. It ends tomorrow at 9 pm EST. Your consideration would be so meaningful to BHRR’s Mavie!

Will update as we can tomorrow!