BHRR’s Mama GD Eve is hanging at work with me today and her weight was a wonderful 52 KGs(114.4 pounds). Maybe another few more pounds to go and she will be perfect!

She will be having a thorough exam today and bloodwork for heartworm, tick borne diseases plus pre-op in preparation for her spay. She will also have her vaccine boosters.

She has a couple of growths/warts to be looked at more thoroughly and the shelter had also looked at them and there did not appear to be much of a concern. One of them is practically gone now – under her tail.

She will also receive a very thorough ear cleaning as with the extra hands, we will be able to get them squeaky clean now! Wiggle worm she can be at home. 🙂

I will chip her when she is spayed and we will do a good nail trim then.

This girl is a miracle girl and I am hard pressed to think that she is 6! Her best friend is BHRR’s Maple(who is an amazing turnaround lovely herself!!) and to watch those two romp!! Makes my heart feel so happy.

Here is a photo of BHRR’s Mama Eve on our way in to work.

Isn’t she just stunning!!!