BHRR’s Rain had her annual tonight! I cannot believe that she is now 5!!!

She weighed 92.4 pounds – Her Vet thought she looked good! 🙂 I think she is just beginning to lose her waistline and losing even a pound or two will make her look better in the waistline department. 🙂 So, we will monitor her treats and food intake a bit more closely to ensure that at least she does not put on any more weight and loses a tiny bit.

She was a super star at the Vet Hospital! We also did a Accuplex – HWT and Tick Borne disease testing.

She has some mild yeast in one ear and moderate in the other and we are going to have her on some Burrow’s for the next 10 days or so.

She was such a great girl at KAH! 🙂