Puppy A(BHRR’s Flame) – prognosis is an excellent one now…..hope no relapse

Puppy B(BHRR’s Ember)  – prognosis of survival rate increased from 50/50 to almost 60%!!! Go baby go!

Mama Eve – is showing me the strength plus heart she passed on to her babies. She is drinking more for me, not quite enough to pull her line, yet getting there!

She is eating better and sigh of relief……and some tears for all three!

She has moved to a 50/50 chance now of survival……

Description of why the puppies are named the way they are:

Puppy A – BHRR’s Flame – she is feisty, strong and quick to ‘combust’ to action and melts your heart. Ever-changing, independent and beautiful.

Puppy B – BHRR’s Ember – never rule out the importance of the slow burning embers of a fire…..slow and steady she goes, determined, possessing her own inner strength, not easily ‘snuffed’ and fills your heart with such warmth. Not to meantime the beauty of the embers of a fire!

BHRR’s Eve and BHRR’s Flame and BHRR’s Ember’s  Miracle Angels: $225 donated to date & Bills $3,851.09
*before paypal fees
Lianne – Dog Bed for Mama GD Eve
Gracie – IKEA Pillows, two towels and some wool blend packing blankets
Julie B.
Christine – Some puppy toys