First night report from BHRR’s Hercules approved temp foster home!

“Hi Gwen:

…..we wanted to give you a report of Hercules first night.

It went well. Actually, very well. Much like Ivy, Hercules did challenge the rules within 30 seconds of Sean leaving (couches mostly). The entire family was firm and gentle on enforcing the rules and he was very respectful. Easier than Ivy, actually. Once he settled, Sally and him spent quite a bit out time together. It was a nice night to let them chase and explore the backyard. He had his lite supper at 8 and began to sleep in his crate nicely. The new house and Sally obviously tired him out. We were worried that at eleven he would want to play again, but another quick romp and pee outside and then he was ready to sleep again.

This morning, him and Sally were great. They made sure all the children got kisses at 5 30 🙂 and went out for a pee together. They got their morning rubs and are with Cherie while she gets ready for the day.

Gwen, he is truly a treasure. He seems to have settled in well and has infinite patience with Sally when she gets goofy. We will continue to give him structure and be consistent with our training and of course, our love.”