Look who is relaxing and feeling more comfortable plus settled in?!

BHRR’s Skye, our Neapolitan Mastiff – she is the Neo, whose O. was killed by a truck and then the boyfriend dumped her and another dog at the pound. BHRR’s Skye has a long road ahead of her with emotional plus behavioural rehab BUT she will get there!

She also LOVES to sing songs…..sings a song if the water bowl is empty and reminds me a bit of HQD in the way that she looks at us as if we are idjits for not noticing that the water bowls need to be filled up!  She sings a song if dinner is late or she is not fed her bowl as fast as she may want etc. 

She is full of soft grumbles and rumbles and squeaks and songs! We are quickly being ‘trained’ by her with what means what!

She had some resourcing when she first arrived plus some fear issues in seeing the other dogs and slow careful integration along with consistency and patience not to mention tons of understanding and obedience, has made her realise that she will not do without food or water or love etc. The stability and soundness plus well balance of the other dogs has taught her much.

We call her ‘Princess Skye’ for she is a bit of a ‘tudey lady! LOL She wanted to lay claim to the couch ALL to herself and well, that is not how we roll at BHRR.

She is loving and playful and so affectionate to those she has developed trust plus a bond with. Her circle of success grows ever wider as she is exposed to more stimuli and situations plus places.

She has personality plus and when she forgets her troubles plus worries, she is such a ham!

She acts more like 3 years of age max these days and she is developing much needed muscle mass/tone. She has had her share of litters in her past and her body is really looking so much better these days as her coat comes in such a glossy soft blue brindle. We are watching that waist line!  She loves her food and has been putting on much needed weight beautifully.

She is crate trained yet, has also proven 100% trustworthy in our sunroom when we are away.

She is such a pretty ‘wee’ giant and loving the time that we are having with her.

When she is ready to make her special announcement, she will let us know……no rush, ever….

She is going to make a wonderful right matched fit home, an incredible special addition…she will melt your heart……she is that precious!