BHRR’s Raven has her special announcement to make!

This stunning BBBBB, our puppymill Great Dane Mama(~2) is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

She looks and acts NOTHING like the almost completely broken, emaciated, filled with mammary masses/tumours that she arrived into rescue with!

She is so social, loving, affectionate and her BIG vice still is that she will want to jump up on some people to say ‘hello’….that is a work in progress still!

She is obedient – her leash manners are still working its way up to a A+ and she is great with all dogs of all sizes and people of all ages and those eyes of hers, just reach right deep into your soul!

She is housebroken, crate trained yet has proven 100% successful in our home for months now.

She travels great in a car and is such a big personality filled girl and for me, I have a big soft spot for she is the ONLY other dog that we have had that can operate the ice cube maker on the fridge – it was like seeing our beloved BHRR’s Dana, our dollface back in action!

The dogs that remembered BHRR’s Dana either run to the fridge for ‘ice cube time’ or got off their dog beds for many remember how BHRR’s Dana, another BBBBB would just sit on their heads to ‘get the bed’!

She can also bed hog along with the best of them. A smaller GD she may be in size yet in personality plus heart, she is massive!!!

She can be adopted to a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired, retired etc. She is another extremely versatile BHRR Great Dane!

She has been fine with all cats she has met to date yet, integration is key and so important.

Such a big soft spot in my heart for this gem!!!

GOOD for you BHRR’s Raven….you did it!!!

Thank you as always to the incredibly talented Liz Bradley for the gorgeous photo’s!

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