I shall be adding more photo’s to Baby Kaos’ album yet, here is one of his knee from last night after his arthroscopic surgery. One of the photo’s shows how bruised/swollen he was already becoming post-op.

He is such a great wee man and a trooper!! He has had a really good day.

I never cease to be amazed at how stoic and brave animals can be. I would be crying begging for more pain meds and Baby Kaos wants to try and run (this healing type of pain has to feel so good compared to what he was feeling before) and he wants to eat! Food is a passion of his! He eats out of different food puzzles to keep him stimulated and remains lean and strong. He definitely lacks some muscle tone due to his medical conditions yet is doing so well.

He would rather skip the whole pain med regime totally!

He is truly one of my heroes also!!

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