I know all are waiting patiently for the grand total from last night’s Annual Fundraiser at BHRR!

So are we! We are still waiting payment from several re: their auction times. Normally, we only take check or cash yet, we allowed Interac also last night and as soon as all send in their monies, we can announce the final total! So, please do pay promptly if you have not already.

Another amazing night at BHRR with both old and new friends!!

For those asking already for when the 2016 ticket sales shall come available, that is tomorrow!! We shall make a post announcing the sales! This is always a SOLD out event and we feel deeply blessed by the popularity and the support of our one of a kind event!!

In the meantime, BHRR’s purse puppy Coach(Blind and has a heart condition that does not as of yet require meds and may never) had his own special picnic date today and auntie Mary spoiled him rotten! A new harness, a new dog bed just his size, a toy, dino bone and treats!! Not to mention the walks, meeting people at her hotel and the special loving he got!!

He remains AVAILABLE for adoption and impressed everyone he met with how happy, and well behaved he is. Well, we already knew that!!!

BHRR’s Ethel has her own special picnic date is on Thursday!