An update on BHRR’s Dune from Georgy who overnighted him the second night on his way to BHRR.

“My overnight couldn’t have gone better.  He is beyond adorable and well behaved.  He knows to go to the door when he needs out.  Cuddly, loving, sweetheart of a boy.  The recipient of this Angel is one lucky person – he is going to make an amazing family addition. An
He is very thin and has multiple small scars on his body.  A sizeable scar above his right eye.  Almost as if he had been cut pretty deeply and never been stitched?  But none of that stops his incredible personality and gentle nature.
He has a fabulous appetite.  I allowed him to eat until he was full.  I handled both and his food while he ate … had my hand right inside the food bowl and he didn’t think anything of it.
travels well in a car and seems to like joy riding. 
loves everyone that he meets.  He is extremely camera shy which makes it difficult to get his pic but I think I got a few of him while he languished in bed.  I will download them later and send them along.
Honestly Gwen I have yet to overnight a dog that is this easy to live with.  Despite arriving home from the transport last night only to find fireworks going off in the ravine behind my house – where they literally sprayed and boomed directly over my backyard …. which naturally terrified.  But we just stayed in my van until they were over and then we scooted indoors.  He was fine after that.  He has been an absolute pleasure to spend too brief of a time together.  We haven’t even left the house yet and I miss him already !  What a wonderful boy !
So, we are just about to get on the road so will leave this here.  Will send pics (if they turn out) later this afternoon.
My absolute congrats and envy of new family.  He is remarkable !
Thanks !”