A couple of photo’s from Molly and an update who helped transport BHRR’s Dune to us and overnighted him – the first night.

“Here are a couple of photos. 

He wasn’t easy to get to hold still for a photo but what a handsome dog!

I think he is pretty much a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. That’s what he looks like to me. Knows how the command to Sit, so he has had some training. that is how I got a couple of good photos. I had trouble with him being overly affectionate and wanting to stand up and hug me, and almost knock me down. He is a super dog, just gorgeous, and I am sure with just a little bit of training to correct that wanting to jump on people, he will be great.

I was needlessly worried that he might go after the cats, but he was perfect with them. In fact, I think he tried to avoid them, knowing how cats can be.

He was very good about house manners, always peeing and pooping outside. I hope finds a happy home, gets some training, and has a good life.”

Dune1 Dune2