BHRR’s Angel Noelle had a great home-visit and we shall be doing a transitional adoption to this home. She is NOW ADOPTED!
After patiently waiting for 16 months, that right matched forever loving home has come along and how I feel this to be the case is the peace I have in my heart plus soul.
I knew this adoption, when the time came of a right matched forever loving home to find this beautiful girl, that it would be so hard…..on her and me and yet, while my voice did break a few times tonight, I had so much peace, more than I thought I would ever feel and that makes it ‘right’.
It is hard to put into words…..
This girl means the world to so many of us….she went through absolute hell in her past, she has inspired a village, a community, hers on her resilience, her proving that she is perfectly normal as a tripod as we had to remove her leg from the prior abuse she had received.
She has made a world fall in love with her and, she is going to be fine. So many have asked me why do you not keep her, she is so bonded to you and yes, BHRR’s Angel Noelle would lay her life down for me, she has gifted me with her trust, her heart and her life.
Yet, she does not need me….I want a life for this incredible wee dog that is so full of potential, to be one that I have always prepared her for.
I have so much happiness in my heart right now…..yes, there is sadness over the journey ended for her and I yet, wow…..look at the chapters she is going to have in her future!
I can now help another in need of me, thanks to this amazing honourary giant and to the wonderful home that is going to adopt her…..
That BHRR special CHAIN OF SUCCESS lives on strong…..
Our patience and hers waiting for that right matched forever loving home will ensure that BHRR’s Angel Noelle is going to go where she belongs…..
We will always be connected and if I continue to do my ‘job’ right, this transitional adoption will be one of great memories, experiences and a smooth adjustment for home and her!
I am at peace….
Thank you Filomena and Julie for being her first Angels….I sincerely wish you could have been at this hv with me. You would be so proud of her!!! So proud! The compliments on her manners and demeanour and personality were so touching.
Karen thank you again for being her transport angel to me! This incredible dog has brought so many people together!
Aaron, thank you for doing this beautiful home-visit with me!
Thank you to all of her fans, supporters, friends and more for being there for her in her darkest hour and biggest time of need and helping us raise the money needed for her emergency care!
We are truly blessed!
It was hard to get a great photo and we may try for another one later! Thanks Aaron for this lovely shot though!!