BHRR’s Porridge was at the Vet with me today as he has been really struggling in this heat with his inflammatory nasal disease (extreme heat and extreme cold are so hard on him….) and losing weight.
His heart and lungs remain so strong plus healthy…..he just cannot breathe right the IND in the extreme weather.
Sadly, he has dropped 21.12 pounds since he was last at the Vet, exactly 3 months ago. When it is harder for him to breathe, it is harder for him to eat. Now, that the weather is breaking, he is eating better…..
I bring him in every 10-12 weeks for a recheck.
He now weighs 141.90 pounds and after his episode with the food contamination back in January with food donated to our group, he had dropped over 20 pounds then and we never quite got it back up to the 178 pounds he was of lean muscled boy. He is a very tall boy, almost 41″ at the whithers. We had gotten him back up close to 165 pounds.
We made the decision with his Vet that we will increase his prednisone on the really hot days. He was getting 50 mg SID.
We discussed quality of life in depth and know that this miracle Dane that was once not expected to see past his 18 month birthday and is now almost 7.5 years is on limited quality time, especially if we hit another extreme heat or cold spell, which is inevitable in our climate.
So, tears all around for his vet and I today and, I am praying for cooler weather to stay…..
Day by day and lots of love!