AND, my last post of my night! Lots of posts today!
This is a video showing how amazing our honourary giant tripod BHRR’s Angel Noelle is(Salt is doing a cameo!)….she is not treated differently than any of my four legged dogs and, she is not pitied or felt sorry for or spoiled or babied.
We have done a lot of necessary amputations over the past almost 20 years for BHRR focuses on the special needs and people really need to realise that these tripod dogs live amazing quality filled lives….
To put down a dog that could have lived many amazing years if their leg had been amputated, seems like such a shame and, while tripods are not meant for everyone…please do not think that they should have been put to sleep. You should meet them first and they will show you better than any words I could possibly say about how much they are loving life and deserve to live the best that life has to offer!
BHRR’s Angel Noelle is an extremely happy and well adjusted plus balanced young lady and, this video shows that she is more than capable on grass and sand to zip and zoom!
AND she remains under a PENDING ADOPTION with the home-visit scheduled for next Wednesday.
This is on our way back from the horse barn tonight.
LOVE this dog…and I mean LOVE! So much!
No one ever told her that she could not do something and, I am not about to start! She has proven over and over again that she is perfectly normal…..she just may have to problem solve in a different way or be resourceful, yet, she is more than capable of much!
I will post the other video tomorrow…I think I have bombed the BHRR fb page enough today! 

BHRR’s Angel Noelle with my Salt(Deaf & Visually Impaired GD) July 31st VIDEO