Someone is being so brave at Kanata AH today! BHRR’s Pearl!

She is a bit lighter in weight than I would like to see, yet, nothing awful. Very lean plus muscled.

I may go back to feeding her three times a day. She was 100.1 pounds today. 

She was amazing for her Heartworm/Tickborne bloodwork. She rocked her nails also!

She is having an exam later tonight with the Vet and, then she will be up to date on everything.

Once she is more comfortable plus confident, she will be ready to make her special announcement.

There was no way when she first arrived that she would have been ok having this visit and, it shows how far she has come!!

She even was sitting plus taking treats from the staff once she settled in.

Very proud of you BHRR’s Pearl! This rehab journey with you has touched my heart deeply…….