My last post for ‘my’ tonight is to re-post on the BHRR’s Purse Puppies amazing Annual Vet Visit on the 30th of April!
BHRR’s Coach weighed 24.3 kgs(53.46 pounds)
BHRR’s Coco Chanel weighed 21.7 kgs(47.74 pounds)
Both received a huge wonderful thumbs up in health and, behaviour from the Vet!
Chanel amazed all with her brains and tracking skills and Coach charmed all with his soft and sweet personality.
Both doggies have had no changes with their eyes – so, great news that they do not have cataracts and, BHRR’s Coach’s heart condition also has zero changes and, so no medication required at this time still!
AND, I am so excited that both of these amazing special young dogs have picnic play dates coming up. They are as cared about by others as they are by us!
They are normal to themselves, to us and, to all that adore them! 

BHRR’s Coco Chanel is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION again. She came back to me one week post-adoption. Our 7th return in over 19 years of operating BHRR.
She bonded wonderfully to the female of the home, yet, the male that she had once was bonded to, she began to play ‘hard to get’ and, would then want nothing to do with him.
The Home came to our February 1st BHRR “EXPERIENCE” and, could see that she was the same BHRR’s Chanel as always.  She did have a minor moment of wanting to bark at the male adult and, that was nipped in the bud by Sean.
We had done a very careful transition adoption and, worked to try and ensure that she would bond equally to the female in the home, she loved the kids and, not just bond to the male adult. For that was her initial attraction.
BHRR’s Coco Chanel has settled well back into our home and, continues to impress everyone with how amazing she is.

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