So, as I went to lay down for a bit – hard day on the heart – I am just answering some emails and, I see this pretty Harlie head and, then, a front foot, another front foot and, then I began holding my breath…..

Up came a body and, then, tentatively, a back leg and, by now, I am just staring at my phone, trying to be casual, acting normal while inside, I am like ‘OMG! OMG! WOW!’

Sean has said over the last two nights I worked that BHRR’s Pretty Pearl has been pining for me and, looking for me…..and, has been sad.

It is so good for her to be with other people without me and, when I come home, while I have been getting those low tail wags, she still keeps hovering and, floats around me for the most part, which is fine. She has only been with me less than two weeks. Rome was not built in a day!

Well, today she decided that as long as I made no big deal and, pretty much ignored her, she was climbing up on the bed to be near me.

Holy! What a gift!!

After she settled……I waited a few more minutes and, then very nonchalantly reached out a hand…..and, though, she tensed a bit, she did not fly away in fear…..

For the next few moments, though, she was not confident or comfortable to look at me, she kept an eye on me out of the corner of her eye, I stroked her soft fur……said a couple soft words of calm and, then, soaked up the moment!

I then took my hand away and just let her be……

We sat l, both almost holding our breath – for different reasons – for several seconds – and, like a flitting butterfly she was gone….

BUT, I did manage to snag a photo at one point during this extremely private leap of trust and, connection…..

Though, my heart is heavy from today, it is almost like this beautiful creature ‘knew’ and, gave me comfort this time……

All I can say is that, even after almost 28 years, interactions had with animals keep inspiring me and make me feel that something deeply special and magical happens when, there is a break through… matter how small….

Thanks for a moment in time I shall always cherish, BHRR’s Pearl!

Looking forward to the next life lesson and/or gift she graces me with!