So, I am sitting patiently in our fenced in three acres and, look who has decided to come and be right beside me?! BHRR’s Pearl.
Yesterday, she was terrified in the yard and, even ran into the fence at one point. I sat down and, eventually she came to me, bent her head and leaned it into my lap and, we went inside after just sitting for a bit.
Today, she is following me more, still scared of things from leaves blowing, birds chirping the frogs and turtles in the spring fed pond and, even my daughters bike as she came home from school – was not even close to her. 
We are now just chilling on one of the sand hills, watching the wind blow rustling our Canadian flag and, making noises in the trees…..
While not exactly 100% comfortable, she is giving me some trust, you can see that she wants to trust and love and, as we now know that she lacked socialization, living the life she had being ‘sheltered'(the words of her previous home – other than going to the Vet, home was where she was) her rehab program is going to be one of so much discovery and learning in infant steps and, as she is ready for it.
We have to teach her to like herself and, that she is ok and build up her confidence slowly.
She is completely wrapping herself in my heart and, I know she is full of so many gifts to share my way!! Lessons also to teach me……
She had a good night and day and, she will even slowly approach Sean if he is sitting, and, as we do to not appear threatening, turned slightly sideways. 
Even now, she will get up from near me, explore a bit and, then come back when she feels she has gone too far from me. 
She still shakes yet, is calming a bit more easily for me.
She has an extremely nervous disposition. We know that should she ever be ready to be adopted, that she will not go to a home with children or young teenagers.
We also know that should the time come that she is ready to be adopted, that we would like to see her in a home with a dog that is a right matched personality fit for her.
Now, we have to get her to eat and drink. She is showing some interest in water and, we will get there….. 🙂

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