In early March, I was contacted upon a place receiving a referral to contact us about a Senior, 8 year old female GD, having been surrendered. We were told that the owners were giving her up as they were moving, had her all her life.

On March 17th, I was then informed that she was having bowel incontinence and, if we were still interested and, that her previous owners had said that she was also this way. I was wondering if it was parasites, stress, anxiety, lack of proper nutrition, was it something more serious, old age related etc. I was told that they would see how she was the next day.

I was told the next day that she was great and, all seemed to have resolved itself. She was presenting well with other dogs, was affectionate to the staff and, we moved forward to having her come to BHRR. We were told that she would be given DAPP and Bord and, that they would prefer to wait a week or so to be sure that all was good. We planned tentatively for her to come the weekend of March 28th.

I followed up on March 24th to be sure all was in place for the weekend and, all was good! She was to be transported to a safe spot SPCA on the Friday and, we would snag her on the Saturday.

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