UPDATE: The home-visit is done! We did not do an approved adoption. If I could hand pick a right match personality fit dog to match theirs(a lovely Dane himself), it was as I did, BHRR’s Ivy.
They bonded strong, hard and fast…..right from hello…..he is a strong male, she is a strong female, both full of personality and, life plus character. Equal in energy and, immediate friends…..
Yet, BHRR’s a Ivy is not a right match for the humans in the home. She liked them, well, she loves everyone!!!
She needs a home that will commit to her needing that job, continued obedience and tons of patience as she keeps becoming the best dog she can be. She will keep one on their toes.
She is full of so much potential and, like BHRR’s Dana(for those who had the pleasure of knowing her, you will understand what I mean), she needs a home that accepts she is going to be a delightful handful for the rest of her life and, not break her spirit. She needs guidance, a sense of humour and, along with the structure plus consistency.
The home is a lovely home and, they feel the same way as Kathy and I do. No one wants to see a home fail or see a dog set up for failure.
They asked if we had another one for them in our program to be considered for, and, we do not. What works best for their current dog is not what works best for them and, I recommended to try DiD(which they have been looking at also) and, to keep searching.
They are going to be great parents to another dog when that time is right and, my heart is only sad for the two Danes for the two dogs, were such a perfect hit. I have been doing this almost 28 years and, they really were perfect.
BHRR is not desperate to place our dogs, our second to none success adoption statistics prove how careful we are about approving adoptions and, it has to be ‘right’ for home and dog…..
BHRR’s Ivy has had another amazing experience and, she has shown me again why I adore her so much! Honest, brilliant, loving, social, happy and, nothing is half measure for her…..
Best wishes to the home and, thank you for opening up your home to us today!!
Thanks Kathy for the hands today with the hv and see you in a couple of weeks!!