We would love to see her in a home with another right matched fit personality dog. Male or female does not matter. She is a great dog yet, she does have backbone plus strength. She lives in complete harmony with the dogs in our home and, we have ONLY ever run into one dog in the public that she did not like – more that she did not understand as it was all matted and hard to even really tell it was a dog – at one of the animal hospitals. 

She barked and, was very focused on the dog and, though her tail was wagging, she was quite alert/intensive. She corrected quite well and, we left the Hospital after paying our Vet bill. I had no worries staying while I paid the Vet bill. I let her get a good look at the medium size dog and, observed her closely. 

We want any right matched forever loving home to understand that just as not every person likes all other people, not every dog can like other dogs and, very few dogs in the world are bomb proof. Could it have just been that one dog as it did not appear to be a dog? Could it be, that she may not like other dogs? To date, she has been around over 50+ dogs, resides in a large multi-dog home and, not one issue with any other than this one she saw. 

She is fully housebroken, crate trained(AND, we cannot stress enough the importance of crate-training for if she was sick or injured and required crate rest, she would not stress and, would also not panic in a Vet setting) yet, as she has proven herself 100% reliable in our home now, she has full run of the main floor when we go out or, even stays in the masterbedroom/ensuite of ours. 

She is quite quiet, extremely affectionate and, loves her food. She will resource over her food to other dogs if one is not vigilant. We have zero issues taking any items away from her. We make sure she is aware that we are approaching as, we do not ever want to set any dog up for failure. They are animals at the end of the day. 

She can be so playful when she wants to be and, is at that age, where she has respect for house rules.

He obedience has come a long way and, per our adoption contract, she will be required to go through a full round of obedience from an accredited positive reinforcement facility/program. Training is one of the least regulated professions out there and, as someone that is qualified and educated(A Masters's and recently defended my PhD), we do not want to see our dogs ruined by getting into the wrong hands.

She can go to a home with older children – 10+, we may consider 8 – depending on the home/kids.

She is a great care traveler and, we have deeply enjoyed having her. 

We will not entertain applications or inquires interested only in her colour 'blue'. She is more than a colour. She has a personality, needs, wants and, deserves to go to a right matched home that cares about HER and, not the colour of her fur.