UPDATE: The Lord Stafford went to Kana(Kanata AH) today to discuss his urinary issues further. His one specialist said to wait about 6 weeks post neuter before re-visiting this. 

This wee flirt had a great time – well, other than doing his nails!!  His nails are finally getting to a nice short length – even the one on his deformed toe. This will make walking and yes, he does run – especially to call shotgun in the car!! – so much better for him.

He was loved on royally by the lovelies there! I always know that when any of the dogs are at Kanata, they are going to be treated so kindly. 

As I was in the exam room with BHRR's Gretta(will make a separate post for her), he had no less than three beauties spoiling him! 

He weighed 19.8 KGs(we do not want to see him get over 20.5 kgs) and, the Vet remarked on how fantastic he looked.  

I explained that when we were at our last community education plus public awareness event in November, that some of us spent a considerable amount of time informing the amazing people that came out, that he is how a bulldog should look like. They should have waistlines, they should not be fat or obese and, here's hoping that there will be less obese dogs out there! It does them no favours being so fat….  

The Vet examined his prostate and while large, it was no longer enlarged(he had an urgent neuter in November), it was not abnormal and caused him no pain or discomfort upon examination. He happily munched on treats the whole time!!!

I was told how wonderful his skin looked and, how nice his coat now was and, him having his dental sure has made him more comfortable with eating! We really have to monitor now Mr. Snorts intake for he will try to sneak others food…. 

The Vet told me that incontinence in males is not as common as in females and, can be testosterone related, yet, that is seen in older dogs and, not dogs that were recently altered.

They are going to do some research on the product Propalin to see if it is safe for his breed. He does not have another UTI either.

If we can just figure out this sleeping dribbling of urine that he does, he will then be ready to go to his approved temp foster home and, also, go up for adoption.

All other medical issues that are treatable have been successfully resolved!

Getting closer! 

He will sure be missed at BHRR!! 

The more healthy he becomes, the happy he is and the younger he is appearing! 

He is suspected to be no more than 3 right now. 

A big fav for so many of us!