In asking for a bit more information re: the leash and dogs, this is the response I received and also received some photo's. This home really wanted what was best for their dog. I feel that they received some not so great recommendations and advise. They were advised to use a shock collar and, I found out after I got him, to also have him on medication. This will be addressed in another blog post.
My note is that when we do have him arrive to BHRR, we will not have him lay down to meet other dogs – this can be very threatening to a dog that has anxiety issues. We will also take him off the medication. In almost 27 years, I know of ONLY 2 dogs that I felt needed to be on medication – both Client dogs of mine – one a GD and the other a Colliex.

"Good evening, he is not very good on leash with other dogs we have been laying him down in a relaxed position (lying on his hip) an keeping him down as other dogs approach and that seems to help. Off leash we have no complaints whatsoever."