BHRR's August made her last drive with me today………. 🙁 🙁 I had asked the specialist that if she had come to BHRR sooner – she waited in a shelter for 6 weeks before we were contacted to assist – could she have been saved. The specialist told me that I most likely would not believe them even, if they said 'no',(they were right as I always think that 'if' we got to some of these dogs sooner, perhaps, we could have saved them.)

The specialist did tell me that in their honest opinion 'no' there could have been nothing done based upon her particular circumstances and, placement of the mass. 🙁

So, we loved her and, gave her memories and experiences that make her happy and, us too…………..and, took things one day at a time.

When she woke up today, she was not normal in her balance and, she was having trouble focusing. 🙁 🙁 We were warned about possible seizures and, quirky behaviour happening, even suddenly or sporadically yet, none of that was present. She was 'there' yet, not there………

15 minutes later, she was no better and, so, it was time……………

During my drive, there were flashes or moments of time where BHRR's August was normal and, I said to myself…'it is not yet time'…..yet, she would then lapse back into a place I could not reach and, she could not hear. 🙁 She lost control of her bladder and, I knew I was more than doing the right thing yet, that is, as always, not the easiest thing to do.

BHRR's August, you were such a delight…..full of life and personality and, gorgeous inside and out. Another huge hole has been made with your passing and, you are now laid to rest in eternal peace at home, BHRR.

BHRR';s August VIDEO

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